What We Do

1. Quick Listings

You will experience a simple user-friendly interface that will make listing after listing easier than its ever been before.

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Where can I download Minute List It?

MLI can be downloaded on your Android smartphone or tablet using Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded it, MLI will appear in your applications folder. Simply look for a gold icon of an “e” timer.

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Who We Are

We are top rated eBay Powersellers with a passion for innovation. Having listed thousands of items for sale on eBay, we know how time consuming each and every listing can be. When we began expanding our business we tried every single service on the market in search of time saving benefits. Frustrated, we began to brainstorm a list of ways that would make it easier for us to list more items in less time.

Then it all began, we started with our list of ideas and asked other PowerSellers to share their ideas too! The more ideas we got, the more we knew we weren’t the only ones searching for a common-sense solution for efficient bulk listing on eBay.

We’re on a mission to bring an efficient listing service to the mobile marketplace. Join us by sharing your ideas and input while we continue to refine Minute List It Beta.

Your feedback is important to us, please message us at thomas@minutelistit.com.

For an example of a Minute List It listing check out our eBay store, here.