Who We Are

We are top rated eBay Powersellers with a passion for innovation. Having listed thousands of items for sale on eBay, we know how time consuming each and every listing can be. When we began expanding our business we tried every single service on the market in search of time saving benefits. Frustrated, we began to brainstorm a list of ways that would make it easier for us to list more items in less time.

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Where can I download Minute List It?

MLI can be downloaded on your Android smartphone or tablet using Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded it, MLI will appear in your applications folder. Simply look for a gold icon of an “e” timer.

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What We Do

Minute List It is a powerful mobile listing tool for eBay which includes:

1. Quick Listings (Less than a minute)

You will experience a simple user-friendly interface that will make listing after listing easier than its ever been before.

2. Photo Taking and Editing Capabilities

Take multiple photos of your auction item(s), crop and instantly upload as many as you’d like to your listing from your phone camera or photo gallery. Depending on your phone, you can include images up to 900 pixels resolution. You’ll also be able to review your photos and edit anytime before your auction goes live.

3. Image Hosting

Minute List It offers safe and reliable image hosting via Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Premium users have unlimited storage access.

4. Voice Enabled Entries

Minute List It utilizes voice recognition. Tap the voice icon and speak your title and description into your phone instead of typing, voice recognition will complete your entry for you.

5. Auction Listing Management

Easily view all the listings you have scheduled, launched and even those that may have failed due to eBay selling limit restrictions. MLI makes it simple to scroll through and manage your auctions listings and make edits before they launch.

6. Create a Listing From Anywhere

Create and schedule your auction listings from virtually anywhere as long as you have your phone.

7. 24-Hour Customer Service

MLI’s customer support staff is available around the clock to provide support. You can contact the support team via our website. We also provide an extensive Q&A section for your reference.

8. Monthly Subscription Service

Premium users pay $8.00 a month for unlimited everything access.

9. Custom Listing Gallery

MLI listings include a customized scrolling gallery marquee, showcasing photos and links to your other listings.

10. Photo Template Below

MLI listings include a 900 pixel image template below your listing to better showcase your listing.


FREE Download on Google Play

Premium: $8.00 Unlimited Listings and Photos