Who We Are

We are top rated eBay Powersellers with a passion for innovation. Having listed thousands of items for sale on eBay, we know how time consuming each and every listing can be. When we began expanding our business we tried every single service on the market in search of time saving benefits. Frustrated, we began to brainstorm a list of ways that would make it easier for us to list more items in less time.

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What We Do

1. Quick Listings

You will experience a simple user-friendly interface that will make listing after listing easier than its ever been before.

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Where can I download Minute List It?

MLI can be downloaded on your Android smartphone or tablet using Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded it, MLI will appear in your applications folder. Simply look for a gold icon of an “e” timer.

Why should I use Minute List It?

MLI has several benefits: 1. Saves time and money 2. Allows for listing on-the-go 3. Provides a photo template below your listing 4. Includes a customized scrolling marquee 5. Unlimited photos 6. Several innovations to come.

What does my free listing with Minute List It include?

Downloading MLI is free, including your first listing on eBay. Your first listing includes all of MLI’s features. When creating the second listing, you’ll be prompted to select an MLI monthly subscription, which is completed using your Paypal account.

How do I subscribe to Minute List It and how much is it?

A monthly subscription is $8.00 and a Paypal account is required to obtain the monthly payment. A monthly subscription allows for unlimited listings. You can cancel your subscription at anytime here.

How do I setup my default eBay settings?

The settings button is located in the upper right-hand corner and contains all listing defaults including; Auction/Buy It Now, Time Frame, Categories, Shipping, Payments.

Why isn’t my listing appearing on eBay?

Please contact amanda@minutelistit.com

Can I use Minute List It on multiple phones with the same eBay username?

Yes, you can download MLI on multiple phones and use the same eBay user account for one monthly subscription. Each eBay username you use requires an additional subscription.

Can I revise and/or cancel my Minute List It listing before it is scheduled to launch?

Yes, in the top left is a “Scheduled” button. You will then see a button to “Reschedule” “Edit” “Delete” or “Sell Similar”

You also can also make edits on your MLI listings right in eBay.

Forgotten password for Minute List It?

Please contact, amanda@minutelistit.com